Selected sketches of Salisbury Plain, Solent, Auto and Aviation.

Salisbury Plain gouache sketch
Widdington November: Salisbury Plain gouache sketch

Sketchbook study
Woods December Salisbury Plain: Sketchbook study

Dusk sketchbook study 25x25cm
Merlin on Salisbury Plain: Dusk sketchbook study 25x25cm

Sketchbook 50x25cm
Solent shipping study: Sketchbook 50x25cm

sketchbook study 50x25cm
Solent shipping: sketchbook study 50x25cm

Motor Vehicle Heritage Gaydon
Red Flash Morris Oxford *SOLD*: Motor Vehicle Heritage Gaydon

Sketchbook study 25x25cm
Aston DB 2/4 Isle of Wight: Sketchbook study 25x25cm

Sketchbook study
Auster, Old Sarum hangar: Sketchbook study

Old Sarum sketchbook study
Slingsby Glider restoration: Old Sarum sketchbook study